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What is Meant by "Blowing a Raspberry"?

Blow Raspberries ?

What is meant by the phrase, "Blowing a Raspberry"?

How do you Blow a Raspberry?

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I must admit, that, until recently I never knew what "Blowing a Raspberry" meant.

Sure, I have seen babies make those silly sounds when they are experimenting with sound, but I never heard that referred to as "the baby is blowing raspberries".

Picture Image of Blowing a RaspberryBlowing a Raspberry

At around 5 months when babies begin to blow "spit bubbles" - a skill that helps the child learn how to move her mouth, tongue and lips together to be able to form words later, is called "blowing raspberries".

This noise is made by older kids and adults as well.

When adults or kids "blow a raspberry" it signifies silliness or derision, and used across most human cultures.

The sound is made by sticking out the tongue between the lips and then blowing.

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