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Best New Year's Eve Recipes
With Raspberries and More

Homemade Drinks, Alcoholic / Non-Alcoholic Cocktails, Punch, Snacks, Fruit Dips, Fruit Trays and More

Here are the Best New Year's Eve Recipes for Drinks, Cocktails, Punch, Snacks and Fruit Trays and Fruit Dip.

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*FTC Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases with no extra cost to you

*FTC Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying
purchases with no extra cost to you

Are you organizing or hosting a New Year's Eve Celebration this year?

If so, I believe you will find recipes here to inspire you to make simple, unique recipes that will tantalize your guest's taste buds.

Cocktails - Non-Alcoholic Drinks

A Collection of Raspberry Drink Recipes made without Alcohol:

Raspberry Frozen Drink

Raspberry Lime Soda

Raspberry Lemonade

Sparkling Raspberry Peach Cocktail

Best Raspberry Party Drink

Raspberry Fruit Cocktail

Raspberry Sangria

Raspberry Lime Drink

Cranberry Raspberry Cocktail

Raspberry Cranberry Drink (Less Fat/Sugar)

Raspberry Slush #1 (Low Fat)

Raspberry Slush #2 (Low Fat)

Citrus Raspberry Slush (Low Fat)

Raspberry Slushie Drinks

Raspberry Frozen Drink

Are you hosting a New Year's Eve Party at your home?

Raspberry-depot.com offers tips and ideas for how to make your Party stress-free, relaxed and a fun-filled celebration!

GO to Tips for Hosting a Stress-Free Party at Home

Cocktails - Alcoholic Drinks

A Collection of Raspberry Drink Recipes made with Alcohol:

Raspberry Wine Sangria

Raspberry Cocktail

Raspberry Fruit Cocktail

Raspberry Beer Cocktail

Raspberry Vodka Recipe

Raspberry Brandy Cocktail

Raspberry Margarita

Sparkling Raspberry Cocktail

Holiday Red Cocktails (3)

Christmas Brunch Cocktail

Raspberry Margarita Smoothie

Berry Ice Vodka Smoothie

Tropical Berry and Malibu Smoothie

Berry and Mango Vodka Smoothie

Mixed Fruit Vodka Smoothie

Fruit Punch

If you are planning on making punch for your festivities, a raspberry punch is always a much welcomed and refreshing punch.

Having a punch bowl, or a punch dispenser full of delicious, festive fruit punch is much easier than trying to offer many different choices of beverage to satisfy every individual preference. 

Everyone LOVES fruit punch!

New Year''s Eve Punch Idea Fruit Punch

See Also:

Drink Dispensers - Why Dispensers are More Efficient than Punch Bowls

You can add pizzazz to these New Year's Eve recipes for punch by making specialty ice cubes. Find out how:

GO to Cool Ice Cube Idea

A Collection of Raspberry Punch Recipes made with and without Alcohol:

Pretty Pink Punch

Raspberry Punch (Cooler)

Raspberry Punch with Sherbet

Strawberry Raspberry Punch with Sherbet

Strawberry Raspberry Fruit Punch (optional Alcoholic)

Slushy Raspberry Punch

Mint Raspberry Punch

"Big Bunch" Raspberry Punch

Raspberry Pineapple Punch (Low Fat)

Christmas Fruit Punch (Low Fat)

Raspberry Champagne Punch (Alcoholic)

Have you been invited to a New Year's Eve Party?

Are you planning on bringing a gift for the host or hostess?

What's the norm anyways?

GO to Ideas for Host and Hostess Gifts

Fun Tip - Consider the special effect of “rim sugar” for that extra special drink flair. You can make your own rim sugar as follows:

Frost the rims of the glasses by brushing them with lemon juice and then dipping them in sugar. Let the rims dry until ready to serve. You can also use "salt" instead of sugar.

Or, purchase ready-made rim sugar, and your guests will be delighted!

To make your kid's (non-alcoholic) drinks more fun, add rim sugar to their drinks too!

Rim sugar is available in many fun colours. You can also purchase a special "glass rimmer".

These items can be ordered online at *Amazon.com, and, in most cases delivered right to your door!

Click on the images for additional product information and customer reviews.

Fruit Smoothies

Smoothies are delicious and nutritious drinks which include a wide range of ingredients.

These drinks are a great ideas for treating the kids to a special drink on New Year's Eve. Why not add rim sugar to their smoothie too! 

GO to Raspberry Smoothie Recipes

New Years Eve Recipes Kids Drinks Smoothies

Snack Food Ideas

If you are looking for snack ideas for bringing to a New Year's Eve Celebration Party, or you plan to enjoy the evening more quietly with your family - why not bake some delectable raspberry squares or bars, tarts, cookies, or make a simple raspberry pie for all to enjoy?

Snack Ideas for New Year's Eve Celebration

Nothing beats homemade baking, a cup of coffee or tea, and the fire burning in the fireplace, while you cozily wait for the New Year to begin!

For a large Collection of tasty treat recipes, visit the following pages:

GO to Raspberry Bars/Squares/Cookies

GO to Raspberry Pies

GO to Raspberry Tarts

GO to Raspberry Cakes

GO to Raspberry Desserts

GO to Raspberry Cheesecakes

Fruit Trays and Fruit Dip

Everyone loves fresh fruit trays and fruit dip!

The wholesome nature and taste explosive flavour of fresh fruit is something we never seem to tire of.

If you are bringing a fruit platter to a New Year's Eve Event, or you plan to include one for your own party - make your own!

New Year's Recipes Fruit Tray and Dip

Fruit platters are fun and so easy to create! Making your own will ensure the freshest and best quality of fruit. It is also far less expensive to make your own fruit tray than purchasing a ready-made fruit platter.

GO to How to Make a Fruit Platter

And, of course, don't forget the fruit dip!

Making your own fruit dip is easy, much less expensive, and fun! And there are so many possibilities!

GO to Large Collection of Fruit Dip Recipes

Fruit Fondue

Considering ringing in the New Year with a Fruit Fondue?

A Fondue encourages conversation and fellowship in a casual atmosphere. Why not try something different this New Year's Eve?

Check out the link below for inspiring ideas for a Fruit Fondue, including recipe suggestions that can be made in advance.

New Years Eve Idea Fresh Fruit Fondue

GO to How to Fondue and Fruit Fondue Recipes

If you are looking for New Year's Eve Recipes for Special Diets, here are links to Special Diet Recipes:

GO to Low Fat Raspberry Recipes

GO to Less Sugar Raspberry Recipes

GO to Gluten Free Raspberry Recipes

As you celebrate the coming of the New Year, and the passing of the Old Year, try to find time, during the busyness of the celebration, to reflect on "time"...time in the light of eternity.

Wishing my web-site visitors -

A Blessed New Year!

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