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Welcome to the Online Raspberry Shop at Raspberry Depot, where can you buy raspberry plants, growing aids, trellis, protective netting, pruning shears, freeze dried raspberries, raspberry powder, raspberry skin cream, and everything raspberry related!

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*FTC Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases with no extra cost to you

*FTC Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying
purchases with no extra cost to you

Here at The Raspberry Shop, Raspberry-Depot is pleased to offer you products that will help and inspire you to grow your own raspberries,  and for those of you who already grow raspberries, to continue growing this amazing delectable and healthy fruit.

Whether you are looking for raspberry seeds, raspberry plants, freeze dried raspberries, powdered raspberries, raspberry pie fillings and jams, medicinal raspberry products such as skin creams, or even the best of raspberry candy ... you can find links for all this, and more (!) for sale at this Online Raspberry Shop.

The products on this page are all available for online purchase from *Amazon.com.

Be sure to CLICK ON THE LINKS for more detailed product information and helpful customer reviews of the products.

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Raspberry Plants

See Also:

What are the Different Varieties of Raspberries?

How do you Plant Raspberry Plants?

Can you Buy Organic Raspberry Plants?

Be sure to check the reviews and the details regarding the raspberry plants, including the growing zones where a particular variety of raspberries where growing them will be most successful.

Trellis, Sprayers and Fungicide Spray

For information on caring for your raspberry plants,

GO To:  How to Plant Raspberry Plants

GO To:  How to Care for Your Raspberries

Protective Netting

There is nothing more annoying than anticipating a wonderful raspberry harvest, only to see that the thieving birds, the deer and other pests are getting to the fruit before you do!

See Also: How to Help Prevent the Birds from Eating the Raspberries

You can purchase heavy duty bird netting (see below) to protect your raspberry patch.

This extra strong garden net is easy to use, doesn't tangle and is reusable and provides lasting protection against birds, deer and other pests.

Controlling Japanese Beetle Pests

It's no fun anticipating the day when you can finally pick those yummy,  juicy raspberries, only to find the pests have helped themselves and made a mess of your raspberries before harvest time.

For helpful information on common raspberry pests,

Go To:  Raspberry Plant Pests

Go To:  How to Get Rid of Japanese Beetles

Pruning Shears

It's important prune your raspberry canes to ensure quality growth and to improve the yield of your raspberry patch!

A good pair of pruning shears is indispensable when growing raspberries!

I love the Canvas Tool Apron - so very handy to free up your hands when working in the garden!  These make great gifts for the Gardener in your life too!  :)

Raspberry Tea for Reproductive Health

For centuries, red raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy has been considered a natural tonic for expectant mothers.

This tea has earned it's reputation for an over-all remedy for improving women's reproductive health, including increasing fertility, and benefits during pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding.

Read More: Raspberry Tea and Reproductive Health

Interested in Making Your Own Raspberry Tea?

Go To: Raspberry Tea Recipes

Raspberry Ketone for Weight Loss

Raspberry Ketone products have received much publicity, (and a positive endorsement by many), as a weight-loss supplement. 

Find Out More: What are Raspberry Ketones Anyway?

Raspberry Coffee and Syrup

There is something about raspberry and chocolate and how they pair together.

One of my favourite coffee flavours is raspberry-chocolate -- I think it's because I can enjoy all the chocolate taste, knowing that the calories are not what they would be if I was really eating chocolate and raspberries!

From flavoured lemonades, iced teas, and handcrafted sodas to lattes, mochas, flavored brewed coffee and more, raspberry syrup is a great staple for every kitchen!

Dried Raspberries and Raspberry Powder

The benefits of dried raspberries and raspberry powder is that they offer the yummy taste and health benefits of this fruit, even when they are not available fresh in your area.

These berries are also a great choice to have on hand for healthy fruit snacks and in the case of emergency preparedness since unopened, they have a very long shelf life. They are also light weight - perfect for hikers' backpacks! Dried raspberries and raspberry powder can also be  substituted in many recipes that list raspberries as an ingredient!

Aids for Removing Raspberry Seeds 

Although the seeds of raspberries are a nutritious part of this fruit, when it comes to making juices, sauces, jams and jellies, it may be desirable to remove some or all of the seeds.

This can be done in various ways, depending largely on the volume of raspberries that you are processing for your recipe.

Methods include using a metal strainer, a jelly bag or a Victorio Food Strainer with a berry strainer attachment.

See Also:  How to Make Seedless Raspberry Juice

This Strainer is an amazing kitchen tool!

I have one for applesauce making - and I LOVE it!

With the Berry Screen attachment large amounts of berries can be processed to remove the seeds. (Be sure to check the specifications of this product and the customer reviews who have used it for berries).

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