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Raspberry Juice Recipe

How to Make Seedless Juice
From Raspberries

Do you want to make Raspberry Juice?

Here is an easy recipe to make juice from raspberries.

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*FTC Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying
purchases with no extra cost to you

Many people do not like the "seeds" of raspberries, so they want to make "seedless" raspberry drinks, sauces, jams and jellies, and make raspberry juice - minus the seeds!

Removing Seeds from Raspberries to make Raspberry JuiceRemoving Seeds from the Raspberries

Personally, when making Raspberry Jam, I usually leave all the seeds in the raspberries to make the recipe.

Our family is used to eating the jam that way (yes...some of the family members would definitely prefer to have seedless jam), but, remember, even the seeds of the raspberries are healthy!

Unfortunately those tiny seeds of the raspberry fruit are large enough to stick in your teeth, but they are usually small enough to pass through a Foley Food Mill.

If you are planning on making large quantities of juice, I would highly recommend a mechanical strainer.

I own a mechanical Strainer which I use to make applesauce.

I absolutely love the efficiency of this strainer, and I have personally make hundreds of jars of applesauce using it.

You can also purchase special screens for this strainer which are specifically designed to remove the seeds of different fruits, vegetables, etc.

Click on the LINK below for more detailed product information and customer product reviews, all available for online purchase at Amazon.

This Strainer is an amazing kitchen tool!

I have one for applesauce making - and I LOVE it!

With the Berry Screen attachment large amounts of berries can be processed to remove the seeds. (Be sure to check the specifications of this product and the customer reviews who have used it for berries).

Most electric juicers also have screens that are fine enough to exclude the raspberry seeds, but if you do not own one of these, you can still remove the seeds by using this simple, efficient and low cost method.

Check out the Electric Juicers available at Amazon (click blue links below).

How do you remove the seeds of the raspberries without a mechanical or electric strainer?

The easiest method is to gently heat the raspberries with about equal parts water (according to you desire) to make them tender, and the seeds ready to separate.

Then, while still hot, mash them gently with a potato masher to further loosen the seeds, and extract the juice.

Next, strain the mixture through cheesecloth, or a special jelly strainer bag (see the example below), allowing the juice, and some of the healthy(!) pulp to pass through the mesh.

Note - if you want to have your juice as clear as possible, then do not squeeze the mixture too much, as that is what will make it somewhat cloudy.

For smaller quantities of juice, if you have a large metal sieve or a large strainer set (as the one pictured below) that has small enough "screen" so as not to allow any seeds to pass through, that will work very well, instead of cheesecloth.

I crush fresh raspberries with a potato masher, (if they are frozen, you can chop them in a blender), and then, with the help of the backside of a spoon I press the mashed/chopped puree through the sieve. If the frozen mixture is too dry, add water.

You can consume the healthy raspberry juice as a drink on its own, or you can use the juice as an ingredient in punch, smoothies, or other raspberry drinks!

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