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Raspberry Skin Cream

Benefits of Natural Skin Cream
Made with Raspberries

Raspberry Skin Cream claims to be a product that helps to prevent or treat skin conditions "naturally".

Why raspberry cream?

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*FTC Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases with no extra cost to you

*FTC Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying
purchases with no extra cost to you

Raspberries contain high amounts of ellagic acid and other compounds that have significant amounts of "cancer-fighting" properties.

Ellagic acids, which may slow down the growth of some cancer cells, is found in raspberries (including the seeds!), in fact raspberries are a leading source of the acid.

Research has also shown that ellagic acid from raspberries is easily absorbed by the body.

Skin products using raspberries have been developed to restore and preserve the skin.

The effectiveness of raspberry skin cream varies from one source to another.

Testimonials from those who have used skin care products made from raspberries indicate that many people have successfully treated, restored, or preserved their skin by making use of raspberry skin cream.

Raspberry Skin Cream BenefitsThe Benefits of Raspberry Skin Creams

There are also claims that some raspberry skin creams are being used to treat some forms of skin cancer, using "natural" methods, of applying topical skin creams to affected areas of the skin.

Benefits of Raspberry Skin Cream

Here follow the various benefits/claims of raspberry skin creams and the ellagitannins, (ellagic acid), which are derived from the raspberries:

  • reduces solar keratosis (age spots) and actinic keratosis, (which are actually sun damaged areas that are more prone to develop skin cancers)
  • improves fine-capillary blood flow, helping to keep skin healthy
  • moisturizes skin and makes it more supple
  • helps heal sunburned skin
  • promotes healing of skin wounds
  • reduces scar formation on skin

Sun exposure can be damaging to the skin. Exposure to harmful rays may result in skin cancer development and skin deterioration.

Scientific research on raspberries has found that raspberries, and some other fruits, contain powerful chemical compounds that can improve the body's resistance to cancer growth and skin deterioration through aging.

Here follow a sampling of product reviews from customers who have purchased Raspberry Skin Care Products:

... I have used this product on facial skin that would not heal properly. Crusty areas that would just scab over and not go away. Researching pre-cancerous skin conditions (sun spots) I found this cream. It has worked wonders for me ... An added bonus it also got rid of the "age or sun spots" on my face which I didn't expect. Ugly brown spots are almost invisible. This product works for me ...My main reason for trying this cream was to see if it would really get rid of some face lesions that are probably going to end up being basal cell carcinomas (I have already had one removed surgically-not fun or attractive) ... I am pleased to say after about three weeks the area I was concerned about seems to be slowly getting smaller and smaller-the more I apply it during the day the faster it seems to work. I also like the lightness of the cream, the way it moisturizes, the spf factor, and the generally better appearance of my skin. I totally recommend this cream and thank the people who made it ...

If you are interested in using raspberry skin products, it is advisable that you discuss this option with your health care provider, and ask for his/her approval.

Here, below, are several of the different skin products made from raspberries which may be purchased from *Amazon.com, and, in most cases, delivered directly to your home.

Click on the links below for more detailed product information and customer product reviews.

Raspex Raspberry Skin Cream /Gel

Raspex Skin Cream/Gel without Sun Block should be rubbed on pre-cancerous spots, moles, age marks, warts, burns, rosacea, rashes, poison ivy, poison oak, etc.

This cream boosts the skins immune system, maintains skins suppleness, reduces wrinkles, promotes healing, reduces scarring and improves fine capillary blood flow. (Cited from the "Raspex" webpage) 

Raspex Skin Cream/Gel with Sun Block. 

(similar to product above, but with sunblock)

Red Raspberry Extract

Red Raspberry extract is one of the best sources of Ellagic acid.

Research indicates that raspberry seeds are antibacterial and antiviral, protect DNA, reduces birth defects, prevents harmful transmutations of cholesterol, prevents heart disease, and it promotes cellular detoxification.

The health benefits of raspberry seeds, including cancer prevention, are described in the American Cancer Society's book; Complimentary and Alternative Cancer Methods.

Raspberries have many other health benefits and nutritional value,

See Also:  Raspberry Nutrition and Benefit Information

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