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Homemade Raspberry Smoothies
With Alcohol and Fresh Raspberries

These five Raspberry Smoothies with Alcohol include fruit smoothies with Vodka, Tequila, and Malibu, great homemade summertime smoothie recipe ideas for adults.

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*FTC Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases with no extra cost to you

*FTC Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying
purchases with no extra cost to you

Raspberry Margarita Smoothie


**20 raspberries (plus a few for garnishing)
2 cups crushed ice
2/3 cup margarita mixer
2 shots tequila
1 tbsp. Orange juice concentrate
2 tsp. sweetened lime juice

**or 15 strawberries, or 10 strawberries and 10 raspberries


In a blender, add the raspberries and then the margarita mixer, tequila, orange juice concentrate and the sweetened lime juice.

Add the crushed ice on top.

Blend until nearly smooth.

Pour into 2 glasses and garnish with whole raspberries.

Serves 2.

Berry Ice Smoothie


5 strawberries
8 raspberries
8 ice cubes
1/3 glass vodka
1 freshly squeezed lemon


Add the strawberries, raspberries and the ice cubes to a blender, and blend until crushed.

Add the vodka and the lemon juice to the blender contents and blend until smooth.

Pour into glasses, and serve immediately.

Serves 2.

Tropical Berry and Malibu Smoothie


2 bananas
2 oranges
3 chunks fresh pineapple
8 strawberries
8 raspberries
1 cup orange juice
1/4 cup Malibu


Add all the fruit, orange juice and the Malibu to the blender, and blend until smooth.

Serve chilled.

Serves 2.

Berry and Mango Vodka Smoothie


1 whole mango
1/2 punnet of strawberries
1/2 punnet of raspberries
1 1/4 cup crushed ice
2 shots vodka


Add the mango, strawberries, raspberries, and vodka to the blender, and blend until ice nearly all dissolved.

Serve immediately.

Serves 4.

Mixed Fruit Vodka Smoothie


6 cherries
6 strawberries
6 raspberries
1/2 cup lemon lime soda beverage
1 medium peach
12 grapes (red or green)
1 medium banana
3 1/2 ounces vodka
crushed ice, if desired


Add all the fruit to the blender, and blend to roughly chop the fruit.

Pour in the lemon lime soda and vodka, and ice (if preferred).

Blend until smooth.

Serve immediately.

Serves 2.

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