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What is Blue Raspberry
Flavoring /Color in Food?

Are there BLUE Raspberries?

What is Blue Raspberry Flavoring?

Is there such a fruit as Blue Raspberries?

Technically speaking there are raspberries by this name; blue raspberries, however they are not a bright blue color!

Blue Raspberry Is there Really Blue Raspberries?Are There Really Blue Raspberries?

There is a raspberry plant called, Rubus leucodermis, also referred to as "blue raspberry", "black raspberry", "whitebark raspberry" or "blackcap".

This species of raspberry plant is native to western North America from B.C. in Canada south to California, New Mexico and Mexico in the United States.

This species of plant is closely related to the eastern North American variety of black raspberry called Rubus occidentalis.

The term "blue raspberry" usually refers to a common flavoring for food which originated from this variety of raspberry.

Food products which contain Blue Raspberry Flavor often contain this bright blue food colouring, although this colour is not accurate to the actual colour of this fruit.

The actual color of the whitebark raspberry is dark purple.

The artificial "blue raspberry" taste additive originally derived from the juice of the "whitebark raspberry" or "blue raspberry", is described as somewhere between tangy and sour.

It is often accompanied with blue food coloring which helps to differentiate the raspberry flavor from cherry and strawberry flavored food and drink.

Blue Raspberry Colouring/Flavoring is common to see used in candy and snack foods such as blue raspberry licorice, gummy bears, lollipops, chewing gum, hard candy, candy floss, and even blue raspberry popcorn.

It is also common to find blue raspberry popsicles, ice cream, icing for cakes and cookies, and blue raspberry carbonated and power drinks.

Some adults like blue raspberry vodka drinks, martinis or other cocktails with blue raspberry colouring.

My experience with the use of blue raspberry candy and snacks for kids, is that the food coloring often (temporarily) dyes the mouth blue! 

If you are interested in purchasing blue raspberry flavored or colored food items, including blue raspberry syrup, here (below) are a few samples available for online purchase from *Amazon.com.

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