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The Color of Love

What does the Color
Of a Rose /Flower Mean?

I found this cut-out newspaper clipping a while back about
the "Color of Love".

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*FTC Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying
purchases with no extra cost to you

Before reading this article, I must admit, I never realized that there is, supposedly, a meaning associated with different colors or hues of roses or other flowers. 

I think most of us know that red roses are a symbol of love, but the meaning of giving or receiving roses of other colors is not as well know I believe.

It is an interesting list! I am not sure how serious this association between the color of flowers and the meaning of the color, but now that I have read this list, I will take heed the next time I purchase a bouquet of roses of a single color!

(Source: The Florist Ltd.)

The Color Of Love - What do the Colors of Rose Flowers Mean?

Photo CreditImage: nuttakit / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

   ♥   Love's Colours      ♥ 

Red says "I love you." Deep red implies unconscious beauty.

White signifies spiritual love and purity. Bridal white means happy love.

Yellow roses today signify joy and gladness (but historically they meant a decrease of love and fidelity).

Coral roses imply desire.

Orange says: "I am fascinated and enthusiastic."

Lavender means love at first sight.

Light pink implies grace, gentility and admiration.

Dark pink says "thank you."

Don't put too much stock on the color of the next bouquet of roses you get though!

The person who presented them to you is probably totally unaware of this list!

On the other hand, now that you realize that different colors of flowers do have meaning, keep it in mind when you buy flowers for someone.

They may be aware of the meaning of the color, and ... it could be an embarrassing situation!

Makes me wonder what about a bouquet of roses with mixed colors? What is the meaning of the hue of the roses in that case?

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