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Easy Garnishing with Fruit

Ideas for Decorating / Garnishing
Fruit / Cheese /Deli Platters

Here are pictures of VERY SIMPLE ideas for garnishing with fruit.

Decorating food platters, for example: fruit, meat, and cheese platters, does not need to involve a lot of time and energy, or a lot of expense.

You can easily make a food platter look very attractive using fruit.

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*FTC Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying
purchases with no extra cost to you

While on a recent vacation in Mexico, I was very impressed with how amazing the food was presented.

Often very simply created, but with most elegant results.

Here follow pictures of simple ideas anyone can copy to make a food tray look that much more "special". 

Watermelon Sculpture of a ShipWatermelon Sculpture of a Ship

The decorated / carved water melons were amazing to look at!

The watermelon ship and the watermelon monkey are fabulous examples great talent.

I had the opportunity to watch the chefs make several of these watermelon designs, and it really did not seem too difficult to do, but, I would have to try it myself to find out!

Check out the links at the right-hand column of this page (or scroll down for mobile view) for a book which teaches you how to carve watermelons.

Take special notice of the bright red strawberry slices arranged around the cream cheese. The bright green colour of the kiwi fruit is equally beautiful to the eyes!

Even the deli meat trays were encircled with sliced fruit. Simple, yet elegant.

Perhaps you are planning to serve large plates or platters of fresh fruit for a special event.

A cheese tray decorated with fruit

By garnishing with fruit slices arranged around the edges of the plate, you can so very easily make the fruit tray look that much more attractive.

Enjoy...and be creative...there are no "rules" how to garnish your food platters...originality is always fun and beautiful!

Be sure to check the great garnishing tools that are available (see right hand column or scroll down for mobile view) to make garnishing fruit that much more simple and fun!

Decorating WatermelonAn Adorable Watermelon Carved Monkey

Carving Watermelon

How to Carve Watermelon

Sculpturing Watermelon into a flower

Decorating a Cheese Tray by Garnishing it with fruitA Cheese Tray Decorated with Fresh Fruit

Garnishing a Homemade Cheese Ball with Fresh FruitThis is a great idea for garnishing a "cheese ball"

Garnishing Fruit Platters

How to Decorate Food Trays with Fruit

How to Decorate a Cheese Tray with Fruit

Decorating/Garnishing a Meat Tray/Platter with Fruit

How to Decorate a Meat Deli Platter with Fresh FruitDecorating a Deli /Meat Platter with Fresh Fruit

Ideas for Presenting Fruit Platters/Garnishing

How to Decorate a Fruit Plate

Ideas for Presenting Fruit

This (above) was a very cool presentation of a fruit salad!

A piece of watermelon, (3/4 of the whole melon with the bottom cut off flat), was used as a stand for the plate of fruit, on top of another plate of food, (a meat platter).

Then, on top of the plate of fruit, directly above the first piece of watermelon, the remainder, (1/4 of the whole melon), was placed.

It was topped with another piece of sculptured melon. Looked like the melon went through the plate!

Using Fruit to Garnish a Food Plate

This tray was filled with deep fried apples, and surrounded with thin slices of cantaloupe.

It would not have looked half as attractive without any fruit garnishing around the edge of the plate.

Yes, garnishing with fruit can be that simple!

Food Flair

This (image above) was an amazing huge block of ice, which was shaped with a saw.

It had different shelves filled with fresh strawberries. It was a real eye-catcher, and there was a constant, light mist coming up from it at all times. Beautiful! Simple and elegant, and not expensive to create! (sorry...this picture does not do justice to the display!)

(The strawberries were only for display purposes, and were probably made into a sauce afterward.)

Note - The above photos were taken while we were vacationing at the RIU Yucatan at Playa Del Carmen, Mexico! Amazing Resort and Amazing Food!

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