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Gifts for the Host or Hostess

Ideas for Host Gifts -
Including Dos and Do Nots

Are you wondering what to bring as Gifts for the Host or Hostess of the home party you are planning to attend?

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*FTC Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying
purchases with no extra cost to you

Gifts Ideas for the Host or HostessGift Ideas for Host /Hostess

Perhaps you are even wondering if you should even bring, or are expected to bring a gift for the host.

From family dinner parties, to work parties, to Christmas parties, New Year's parties, and many other Special Occasion Parties, hosts and hostesses are busy planning, shopping, cooking, baking, decorating, serving, and smiling :)

They are doing all this with diligence and dedication to ensure that every guest will have an enjoyable time at their party! 

Organizing a Party at your Home?

Getting stressed?

GO to Tips for Hosting a Stress Free Party at Home

Whether or not you plan to bring a gift for the host /hostess will depend largely on factors such as whether or not this is a common practice for the type of party you attend.

Sometimes there is an understood agreement that a host /hostess gift is definitely not expected, perhaps the party rotates from home to home, and gifting the host is not common practice.

This is something you will need to analyze and decide for yourself.

Many people like to bring a host gift if they are visiting a person's home for the first time.

Hosting a Christmas Party Should you Bring the Host or Hostess a Gift?

If you plan to head to a home party with a gift for the host, there are some simple tips about the dos and don'ts to keep in mind to ensure you are a great party guest!

Keep in mind that the whole purpose of the host /hostess gift is that it is really your way of showing your "thank-you".

Don't give a bouquet of cut flowers.

Giving cut flowers would require the host to take time from their busyness and from their guests to find a suitable vase to hold the flowers. You don't want to add any stress to their day!

Don't bring frozen food or goods that need to be kept chilled.

You need to assume the fridge and freezer at the host's' home is filled to capacity, and arriving with another item(s) that needs to be stored in the freezer or fridge will only add stress for the host.

Don't bring a gift that you expect the host to serve at the party.

If you bring wine, the host may already have planned the wine for the dinner. Don't bring holiday napkins and expect the host to use them - they probably already have them.

Don't go overboard on price. Giving a host gift is not a competition!

Keep it simple! Homemade gifts you may have on hand are a nice idea. If you make jams or salad dressings, or other preserves, add a pretty ribbon, and bring it! No wrapping necessary. If the party you are going to is large, simply include a little card /note with your name on it so the hosts will recognize who the gift was from.

Do bring something that is so easy to manage or put on a shelf and look at later. If you bring an item that requires refrigeration, be sure it is small and will require a very small space.

Do bring a little plant or flowers already arranged in a vase. Neither will create any work for your host when they are so busy.

Do include a small note-card with your name on it so that if the number of guests at the party is large, the host can look at it later, and see who brought the gift. Keep in mind that the host is often too busy as the guests arrive to pay attention to every detail of who is passing a gift to them.

Suggestions for Gifts for the Host /Hostess

A hosting gift in the $15 - $25 dollar range is a good idea.

Suggestions are candles with a seasonal scent, a potted plant, specialty tea or coffee, chocolates, fancy candies, preserves, artisan bitters or liquors, cookie cutters with a fun recipe attached or a whimsical kitchen item.

Here are some examples of host and hostess gifts which you can purchase on-line at *Amazon and, in most cases, have your items delivered right to your door.

How easy is that!

Click on the images below for more detailed product information and customer product reviews.

And, after the party, what then?

After attending a party, a thank-you note or card is not obligatory, but it is a nice thing to do.

Perhaps an email is appropriate, but it is not as personal in my opinion.

I like to phone the host the following day (after they have had time to clean up and relax!) and thank them for hosting the party and tell them that I had a very enjoyable time, and that the effort and time that they put into the event created a great party.

Whether you send a note, or call the host after the party, be assured that you are doing the right thing!

I know from personal experience that nothing feels better after hosting a party, than being assured by a guest that the party was enjoyed.

Showing your appreciation is a kind gesture indeed!

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