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Garden Tools and Kits For Small Children
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Kid Size Garden Wheelbarrow, Rake, Shovel,
Watering Can, Garden Gloves and More!

Kids' gardening tools, manufactured with smaller hands, shorter bodies, and less body strength in mind, are a great idea to help inspire children to enjoy gardening!

Children are far more likely to appreciate gardening and working outdoors if they are provided with tools to call their very own!

Little Red Wheelbarrow Radio Flyer Wheelbarrow

Many kids' gardening tools on the market today are made of cheap plastic that is prone to break the first time they are used.

The tools and kits listed below however, are made of materials far more durable than plastic(!), they are made of metal and wood.

I absolutely adore the little red wheelbarrow (scroll down for the link)!

In my mind's eye I can just picture the HUGE smile that red wheelbarrow would put on a little child's face! 

It's just like Daddy's or Grandfather's! 

These outdoor garden tools for young children make great gifts for Birthdays, Christmas, or any other special occasion!

Much more wholesome toys than technological gadgets, in my opinion!

These gardening tools for kids (below) can be ordered online from *Amazon.com, and, in most cases have them delivered right to your door.

Click on the images for more detailed product information and customer product reviews.

Radio Flyer Large Wagon for Kids
kids garden hand tool set
kids radio flyer wheelbarrow

gardening gloves for kids Melissa and Doug
kids gardening tools rake shovel hoe
Little Tykes Gardening Center

radio flyer wagon for child
kids gardening gloves
little childs watering can

There are many resource books available for ideas and projects to encourage kids to enjoy gardening.

GO to Projects and Ideas for Gardening with Kids

Gardening With Kids

On a personal note, my husband I and enjoy spending a lot of our time gardening, and our oldest son always loved to join us and play nearby.

I just love this picture I took of him, bottle clenched between his teeth, and attempting to "help" his Dad with the garden rake! It was time for us to buy him some garden tools!

(Fast forward 25+ years ... he now shares our love of gardening, and he and our daughter-in-law have created beautiful gardens and an amazingly landscaped property at their home!).

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