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How to Prevent
Pie Crust Edges from Burning

Use a Pie Crust Shield /Ring

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*FTC Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying
purchases with no extra cost to you

How to Prevent Pie Crust Edges from BurningThe Pie Crust Shield - Protect Pie Crusts From Becoming Too Dark or Burnt

One of the most disappointing things in the kitchen is when you put a lot of time and effort into preparing a delicious, lip-smacking pie, only to have the edges turn too dark when it is baking in the oven!

I used to have this happen frequently.

When I noticed, through the oven window, that my pie was turning much too brown along the edges, my first reaction was always that I should remove it immediately ... Unfortunately that move resulted in many of my pies being under baked!

So, it seems my choice was an under baked pie, or a pie with burned edges.

This problem seems to be common among most “pie bakers”; the pie edges browning before the rest of the pie is ready baked.

"How to prevent pie crust edges from burning" became a common topic for discussion among many of us "bakers".

To help shield the pie crusts I began using a homemade pie shield, made from aluminum foil.

This did help to solve the problem, but it was not a very permanent solution and fussing with the foil was quite a hassle at times, and the homemade shield needed to be created anew every time I baked a pie, or two!

To make a homemade pie crust shield simple take a piece of foil paper, about 12" x 12", and cut out a circle in the center such that the outer edge of foil is wide enough to cover the pie edges.

After the pie has baked for about 40 minutes, place the foil with the cut-out center over the pie, and continue to bake as usual.

You don't need to make it too exact or fancy - this will definitely work to prevent the edges of the crust from becoming too dark.

I used this method for a long time, and it did work well.

Want to Make a Pie Crust Protector using foil paper?

Step-by-Step Instructions:
Make Your Own Pie Crust Shield Protector

Several years ago, while traveling through the United States, I came across a “Mrs. Anderson’s Pie Crust Shield”.

I immediately purchased two of these “gems”, and never again do I need to create a pie shield from aluminum foil!

This kitchen gadget is well worth the small cost to purchase it. It is easy to store, durable, and definitely worth owning. 

Picture of Mrs. Andersons Pie Crust Shield to protect pie edgesHow to Protect Pie Crusts from Becoming Burnt or Too Dark

When should you add the shield to the pie in the oven?

I usually begin baking my homemade pie without the pie shield and then, part of the way through the baking process (usually after about 40 minutes), I add the shield, or pie crust ring, to prevent further darkening of the crust edges.

Some people prefer to put the pie shield on at the outset of the baking process, and remove it part way, or leave it on the pie throughout the entire baking process.

You can choose whatever method suits you and your pie the best!

Whenever someone asks me how to prevent pie crust edges from burning, I recommend a pie crust shield. Awesome invention!

These pie crust shields make great gifts too!

Here, below are pie crust shields available for purchase online at *Amazon.com.

Click on the images for more detailed product information and customer reviews.

If the pie shield you have is a little to large for the pie size that you are baking, simply cover the pie ring with foil paper, and then cut out the center circle, leaving the shield with a wider ring. Works great!

Pie Shield Too Large Fix It

I highly recommend this pie shield to everyone who makes pies. Even if you only make pies occasionally, they are well worth having.

No one should go through all the effort of making a pie (or baking a pre-made pie), only to have the crust burn in the oven!

After using these pie crust shields you will wonder why you did not own this great invention before! They are worth every penny! You may want to purchase two or more if you make multiple pies at one time.

“Mrs. Anderson’s Crust Shields” are made of aluminum, and come in a few different sizes.

The larger pie shields (10 1/2" size), are too large for the 9” pie pans, so if you use 9” pie pans, or reheat store purchased pies, you should buy the smaller (9" size) shields.

It is a good idea to measure your pie pans first, to ensure you purchase the correct size, or purchase one or two of each size if you use different size pie pans.

There are also crust protectors on the market which are made of silicone instead of aluminum. Some pie bakers prefer the shields made of silicone. Perhaps you may like to try these as well.

No more need to wonder...How to prevent pie crust edges from burning!

Happy Pie Baking! 

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