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My Favourite Raspberry
Freezer Jam Recipe

The Best No-Cook Raspberry Jam

THIS is my Favourite Raspberry Freezer Jam Recipe, the very best no-cook raspberry jam, quick and easy!

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*FTC Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases with no extra cost to you

*FTC Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying
purchases with no extra cost to you

This recipe uses a package of No Cook Club House Garden Fare No Cook  gelling powder, another almost identical product is Mrs Wages No Cook Freezer Jam.

Many people ask me what my favourite raspberry freezer jam recipe is.

Well, my favourite recipe is, in part, my choice jam because I lack the time to cook and can jam, so freezer jam is a fast and wonderful alternative!

Favourite and Best Raspberry Freezer Jam, No-Cook Homemade Raspberry JamFavourite No-Cook Homemade Raspberry Freezer Jam

I find that freezing jam instead cooking and canning jam usually means the ability to use less sugar than cooked jams, resulting in a fresher taste!

The nice deep red colour of freezer jam is original and not compromised by any cooking or further processing of the raspberry fruit.

I find that freezer jam has a much smoother consistency than most canned jams, making it very versatile.

I use my raspberry freezer jam to top ice cream, yogurt, pancakes, waffles, scones, muffins and cheesecakes.

Since we grow a lot of raspberries, I like to make several batches of this  jam recipe using fresh berries, and then I freeze the remaining harvest of berries to make freezer jam during the rest of the year.

When making raspberry jam from frozen berries, I suggest you allow them to only partly defrost, and make the jam when the berries are still slightly frozen.

This freezer jam recipe can be adapted to use ANY 4 cups of prepared fruit.

Raspberry-Peach, Raspberry-Pear, Raspberry-Strawberry Jams are just a few examples of jam creations you can make with this recipe!

Tip - To make jam-filled muffins, place half the batter in the muffin pan, add 1 - 2 tsps. of freezer jam, and then add the remaining batter ... presto ... a specialty raspberry muffin!

Now on to the Raspberry Freezer Jam Recipe ...


Note - if you are planning to remove all or some of the raspberry seeds, ensure you still have 4 cups of prepared raspberry fruit left for the recipe.

4 cups crushed red and/or black raspberries (do not puree)

1 1/2 cups granulated sugar

1 pkge. No Cook Freezer Jam gelling powder, 45 gr. size
(I use "Garden Fare Club House No Cook Freezer Jam", another very similar product is "Mrs Wages No Cook Freezer Jam" -- pictured below).

If you are interested in purchasing Mrs Wages No Cook Freezer Jam online, it is available at Amazon.

This product is amazing:

SIX packages.

Cooking is not required.

Fresh or frozen fruit both work.

Use your fresh homemade jam as a glaze for pork, ham, chicken, or beef.

Enjoy creating fresh homemade jams and fruit glazes with ease.

Click on the image beside or below for more detailed product information and customer product reviews at Amazon.


Wash and rinse containers.

Place prepared fruit in a large mixing bowl.

Gently stir in sugar and allow to stand for 15 minutes.

Slowly sprinkle gelling powder a little at a time onto fruit mixture while stirring for 3 minutes.

Allow to stand for 5 minutes.

Gently stir again for 1 minute.

Pour jam into jars, leaving 1 inch head space. Seal tightly.

Jam is ready to eat. No standing time is required.

Store in refrigerator and use within 6 weeks or store in freezer for up to one year.

Yield is approx. 4 1/2 cups.

~ The above recipe was taken from the gelling powder package of "Garden Fare" Club House Brand.

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