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Easy Cooked Raspberry Jam Recipe

Make Red or Black Raspberry Jam Preserves

This cooked, basic Raspberry Jam Recipe can be used for red or black raspberries and is easy to follow.

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If you are fortunate to have both red and black raspberries, why not make a mixed berry jam?

If you are removing all or some of the seeds, be sure to have 4 cups of crushed raspberries left for this jam recipe.

You can also use this recipe to make strawberry jam is you prefer, scroll down for the substitution information.

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Note - If you are removing all or some of the seeds, be sure to have 4 cups of crushed raspberries left for this jam recipe.

4 cups crushed red or black raspberries (or mixed)

6 1/2 cups sugar

1/2 tsp. margarine

1 3-ounce pouch liquid pectin


To sterilize jars, wash and rinse them in the dishwasher and keep them warm.

Put lids in a small pan, cover with water and boil for 10 minutes.

Turn off the heat, but keep the lids warm.

Crush the raspberries (remove seeds if desired), and measure 4 cups of crushed raspberries.

Place the crushed raspberries and the sugar in a large pan, and mix thoroughly.

Bring the above mixture to a full, rolling boil over high heat.

Add the margarine and continue to stir as it melts.

Pour in the pectin all at once, stirring vigorously.

When the mixture reaches a full, rolling boil again, stir for 1 minute.

Remove the pan from the heat, and skim off any foam from the top.

Using a ladle, fill the jars with jam up to 1/8 inch from the rim.

With a damp cloth, wipe the jar rims. (The jar rims must be perfectly clean, or they will not seal properly.)

Quickly place the lids on top of the jars and screw on tightly.

Set the jars upside down on a dry towel.

Cover and let stand for 5 minutes.

(directions continue below ad)

Return to upright position.

Cover with a large towel and set aside to cool slowly for 8 to 15 hours. 

See Also: Boiling Water Bath Canning Instructions

Store jars of jam in a cool, dark place for up to one year.

Keep jars of jam in the refrigerator once opened.

Makes approx. 7 pints of scrumptious raspberry jam preserves.

You can use this Raspberry Jam Recipe to make Strawberry Jam, except use 7 cups of sugar to 4 cups crushed strawberries

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