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Dehydrating Berries

How to Dry
Raspberries, Cranberries
Blueberries and Blackberries

Are you interested in Dehydrating Berries?

Drying berries is an easy and fun way to preserve raspberries and other berries. Freezing raspberries and canning raspberries are the other two methods of preserving these tender fruits.

Dehydrating Berries

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*FTC Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying
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Dried raspberries can be added to raspberry muffin recipes, raspberry scones, raspberry pancakes, raspberry waffles, raspberry crumbles, raspberry cobbler recipes and more.

They can also be added to breakfast cereals and granola bar recipes.

Very little nutritional value is lost when dehydrating raspberries ... that's good news!

Planning on drying raspberries?

Check the link below for recipes and more information about dried raspberries.

GO to Dried Raspberries - Nutritional Information and Recipes

GO to Why Dehydrate Foods? - Food Dehydration Questions and Answers

Instructions for Drying Berries using a Dehydrator

Here are simple instructions for drying raspberries using a food dehydrator.

Follow these same instructions for dehydrating cranberries, blueberries, and blackberries.

  • Rinse the raspberries with water, using a colander, and then allow them to dry on paper towel.
  • If desired, cut the berries in half to speed up the drying time.
  • Transfer the berries to the drying trays of the food dehydrator, leaving a raspberry sized space between the raspberries.
  • Place the filled tray into the dehydrator, and repeat for the remaining trays.
  • Close the dehydrator, and begin the drying process.
  • The time it will take to dry the raspberries will depend on the model of the dehydrator. Refer to the hydrator manufacturer's instructions for temperature and drying time.
  • Check the drying process from time to time.
  • The berries on the bottom racks usually dry sooner than the berries on the top racks, and may need to be removed sooner.
  • When the raspberries are dried, they will be leathery, but chewy.
  • Allow the freshly dehydrated berries to cool, and then store them in airtight containers or bags, labelled with the date that they were dried.
  • Always use the "oldest" dried raspberries first.

  • Tip - it is a good idea to plug the dehydrator into an appliance timer so that the dehydrator will shut off on its own, if the model you have does not have a timing option.

    You will not want the berries to become too dry and brittle.

    Enjoy dehydrating berries!

    You can get the kids to help too, and make their own nutritious and tasty snacks!

    Here, below, are links to a dehydrators and books all about dehydrating food that are available for online purchase at *Amazon.com.

    Click on the images below for more detailed product information and customer product reviews.

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