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Valentine's Day Recipes with Raspberries

Recipe Ideas for Valentine's Day
Or a Romantic Dinner for Two

Valentine's Day Recipes and Recipe Ideas for a "Romantic Dinner for Two" which include raspberries are naturally good choices.

Not only will the sweet taste of raspberries enhance any recipe, but the natural "Valentine red" of the red raspberry makes raspberry recipes perfect for Your Valentine!

No fresh raspberries on hand? No problem, you can use frozen raspberries for many of the recipes!

Valentine's Day is a great reminder to me of my blessings of being married to my dear husband. Thanks Pete for being the Best Valentine in the World...My Valentine! Your love and devotion to me and our family means the world to me! I LOVE YOU!

Do you know The Colors of Love?

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Valentine Cake Recipe Heart Shaped Cake

Valentines Day Recipes to create home-made Valentine's Day treats such as heart shaped raspberry cookies, raspberry cakes and cupcakes, raspberry pies, raspberry cheesecakes, and raspberry tarts are always well received and appreciated. Baked treats which you have made yourself are always far more special and memorable to the recipient than goodies that you have purchased.

Muffin Recipe Idea for Valentine's Day

Perhaps you are looking for a special Valentines Day Recipe for a home-made treat for breakfast, brunch or lunch. Or, maybe you are searching for a recipe for another special occasion such as a Wedding Anniversary or a Birthday Celebration...Celebrating "Love". Raspberry muffins, heart shaped raspberry pancakes or heart shaped french toast (with raspberry sauce), or raspberry scones that you have made yourself are excellent, easy to make, choices.

Check out the Ideas for Making Food with a  

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French Toast in the Shape of a Heart for Valentines Day

Or, perhaps your Special Someone prefers toast or bagels in the morning, and you want to surprise them with their favourite home-made raspberry jam or jelly.

If you are preparing a Romantic Dinner, why not make a leafy green salad with raspberries and heart shaped crotons? Or a melon ring fruit salad in the shape of a heart? You can buy fabulous, ready-made raspberry dressings, or you can easily make your own raspberry salad dressing.

Raspberry Sauce on Ice Cream

A Special Dinner would not be complete without a special dessert. Raspberry desserts, whether simple or extravagant, always look festive and elegant when dotted with red raspberries!

Try one of the raspberry sauce recipes to drizzle over pound cake, ice cream or sorbet for a simple but scrumptious dessert!

Fondue offers a great opportunity for relaxed and intimate conversation after your dinner. You can choose one (or more) of a great variety of recipes for fruit fondue.

Raspberry Fruit Smoothie for Valentines Day

For a healthy snack on Valentine's Day, make a raspberry smoothie, or another home-made raspberry drink. Most fruit smoothies can be made using fresh or frozen fruit.

The ideas are endless...

You will find recipes suitable for Valentines Day Recipes throughout this entire site, but I have gathered several suggestions together to inspire you to try some for your Valentine!

Believe me, these recipes are easy, and even the most inexperienced baker can make them! Most of the recipes include pictures too!

Obviously if you want to make smaller quantities of any of these recipes, you just need to adjust the measurements. Use these handy conversion tools to help you.

If you are looking for Valentines Day Recipes for special diets, they can be found in these sections:

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Are you creating your own Valentine's Day Card, and searching for a suitable verse for some ideas?

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Valentine's Day Muffins, Scones and Pancake Recipes

Heart Shaped Pancakes/Raspberry Sauce
Heart Shaped French Toast/Sauce
"Dutch" Pancakes
Raspberry Pecan Pancakes
Chocolate Raspberry Pancakes
Heart Shaped Valentine Scones
White Chocolate Raspberry Scones
Raspberry Rhubarb Muffins
Raspberry Apple Muffins
Whole Wheat Raspberry Muffins
Fresh Raspberry Muffins
Strawberry Raspberry Muffins

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Heart Shaped Valentine Pancakes
Brownies for Valentine Heart Shaped Decorated

Valentine's Day Cookie and Bar Recipes

Heart Shaped Belgian Cookies
Heart Shaped Valentine Sugar Cookies
Heart Shaped Linzer Cookies
Raspberry Chocolate Chip Cookies
Heart Shaped Valentine Brownies #1
Heart Shaped Valentine Brownies #2
Raspberry Raisin Squares
Red Raspberry Bars
Lemon Raspberry Bars
Raspberry Cream Cheese Squares

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Raspberry Brownies for Valentine
Raspberry Truffles

Valentine's Day Salad Recipes

Mandarin Raspberry Salad
Raspberry Salad/Peaches & Blackberries
Heart Crotons Mixed Salad/Raspberries
Raspberry Spinach Salad with Almonds
Raspberry Spinach Salad with Kiwi
Heart Shaped Melon Ring Fruit Salad

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Fresh Salad Recipe Idea for Valentine's Day

Valentines Dessert Recipes

Raspberry Crisp for Two
Valentines Raspberry Cheesecake
Raspberry Chocolate Sauce
Frosty Raspberry Dessert
Raspberries in a Cloud
Lemon Raspberry Cream Pie
Raspberry Ice Cream (5 minute)
Instant Peach Raspberry Sorbet
Heart Shapes Raspberry Semifreddo
Raspberry Pavlova Cupcakes

Dessert Idea Valentine's Day

Valentines Cake, Tart and Cupcake Recipes

Heart Shape Valentine Brownie Cake
Almond Raspberry Tarts
Raspberry Bundt Cake
Raspberry Pound Cake
Victoria Sponge Cake with Raspberries

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Red Raspberry Cake Bundt Cake
Raspberry Crisp

Valentines Smoothie and Drink Recipes

Best Raspberry Smoothie
Raspberry Peaches Blackberry Smoothie
Raspberry and Peach Smoothie
Raspberries and Kiwi Smoothie
Raspberry Sangria
Tri-Berry and Banana Smoothie

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Raspberry Smoothie Drinks for Valentine's Day

Are you hosting a Valentine's Day Party at your home?
Raspberry-depot.com offers tips and ideas for how to make your Party stress-free, relaxed and a fun-filled celebration!
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Should you bring a gift for the hosts?
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